A Public Experiment by Daniela Luna

Artist Daniela Luna, is the subject in a case study of human experience. In her installation at The Meaning Machine, at Dot Fiftyone Gallery she has designed the Laboratory of Experiential Analysis and Design (LEAD), where she acts both as The Researcher and The Subject.

Through The laboratory, she will follow a daily regimen based on research on how a 21st century human should live. She will be tracking her nutritional intake, physical activity, productivity, relationships, and even drill-down analysis into subjects such as memory and exploring her brain capacities.

Based on results, the laboratory will alter and redesign Luna’s habits, perspectives, and essential way of life.

The data collected will be plugged into explanatory and interactive visuals. Insights gained from the data graphs will be used for the next round of experiments and discussions. Luna’s data will be available for all pattern-seekers to analyze on-site or online: www.bestdamnme.com

“Information is valuable and we are giving it away. We see some small return on all this. We are meeting new friends and lovers through algorithms. We are using GPS satellites to skip traffic. We are making extra incomes on a diversity of platforms. We collect, edit, and share knowledge and entertainment everywhere from Wikipedia to YouTube. But there is a lot more of our data that is freely given to advertising agencies trying to sell us things we don’t need. These sites tell our stories in ways we’re oblivious to. I think it is time to gain control of our data and use it for our own benefit.”

The purpose of a public experiment is to start a conversation. You can participate on-site or online.

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